The fourth book of Stealing the Sun, a space based Science Fiction series from frequent Analog contributor and bestselling Amazon Dark Fantasy author Ron Collins.

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Two star systems, one galaxy

Universe Three has destroyed Everguard. The United Government has to strike back. Humanity sits on the edge of an intergalactic war never before imaginable.

Torrance Black: Everguard's hero signs up to help.

Casmir Francis: Universe Three's director wants a peaceful path to freedom for his people while Deidra-his daughter and heir to his leadership-wants to fight it out now. Is she right? Is she wrong?

Can the galaxy survive either answer?

"STARCLASH proves once again that Ron Collins is a master of the science fiction adventure story-not the crazy stuff you remember from the pulps, but the kind of interstellar adventure that has believable characters, plotting that makes sense, and a future that rings true."

Mike Resnick, Hugo Award-winning author of Kirinyaga

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