Pawn of the Planewalker

Pawn of the Planewalker, is the fifth volume of eight novellas from award-winning author Ron Collins that comprise The Saga of the God-Touched Mage.

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A god-touched vigilante.
Powerful rivalries.
A desperate plan.

After a hollow victory at God's Tower, Garrick seeks vengeance from mages who have wronged him. But a call from Darien brings him back to Dorfort, and the machinations of his god-like superior take him to Rastella, a cold and distant plane that is ruled by a man who has stolen control of the plane's magic. All the while, the remaining mages of the Koradictine order, thought to be devastated after the battle at God's Tower, hatch a breathtaking plan to reclaim their glory.
  Pawn of the Planewalker follows Garrick as he discovers the vastness of Existence. Can Garrick save magic in Rastella? Will doing so create greater disturbance elsewhere? Can he return to his own plane in time to save those he loves? And, finally, what part must Garrick play in the schemes of the planewalker who controls the very power that drives him?
  The answers to these questions will define the course of history.