Target of the Orders

Target of the Orders, is the third volume of eight novellas from award-winning author Ron Collins that comprise The Saga of the God-Touched Mage.

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A god-touched mage.
A headstrong rebel.
Magewar to the west.

All Garrick wants is to be left alone. But when he and Darien return to Caledena, they find the mage orders have taken control, and that those same orders want Garrick-dead or alive. The orders have begun their war, and Garrick may be the only mage who can keep them from victory.
  Target of the Orders finds Garrick hunted by Elman, an ambitious Lectodinian mage, and by Sunathri, the beautiful leader of the newly formed independent Torean House. But Garrick has bigger problems than these. To survive, he will have to control the dark magic inside him and suffer the twisted politics of the god-like planewalker who is using Garrick for his own purpose. When Garrick discovers the depths of the planewalker's designs, he realizes there is more at stake than simply controlling the plane.
  Can Garrick survive his own magic? Can he survive powers greater than he can conceive?
  Is he free to choose?

"Fast-paced, elegant, and brutal. Impossible to put down."

- Amy Sterling Casil
Nebula Nominated Author of Female Science Fiction Author