Trail of the Torean

Trail of the Torean, is the second volume of eight novellas from award-winning author Ron Collins that comprise The Saga of the God-Touched Mage.

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Cursed magic from the gods.
A mysterious underground city.
The first steps toward open war

Garrick is determined to be rid of a devastating magic that threatens to take over his life. Together with Darien-the son of a military man-he accepts a quest for a commission that promises enough to pay for the sorcery he'll need to break that magic's hold. Along the way he faces powerful forces as ancient as the plane itself, encounters the beautiful leader of a sect of freedom-minded, independent mages, and finds himself in the crossfire of a Lectodinian and Koradictine gambit against the most powerful Torean mage in the region.
  Trail of the Torean follows Garrick as he lives with his treacherous new magic, discovers exactly how deep his connection to the god-like planewalkers might be, and finds that the very future of magic across the entire plane of Adruin hangs in the balance.

"Collins is a spellbinding storyteller."

David B. Coe/D.B. Jackson
author of the Thieftaker Chronicles